Small arts and crafts building extension (Studio), Balatonalmádi, HU

Function: Other
Country: Hungary
Category: Sustainable Communities
Firm: Tomay Tamás
Architects: Tamás Tomay
Completion of design: 2016
Year completed: 2017
Nominated by: László Kalmár
The renovation is the unique and novel work of a mysterious architect. Hiding as the holiday home of Mihály Babits in Esztergom, the ancient origin of all classic cosiness and the soul of the west. In the creative studio, the everyday life of the community seems to unfold, with a naturalness that we all long for, still it requires a balance that is very difficult to articulate, an architectural harmony, and a wise master.
Project Description

This small blue coloured project was built for the architect's own daughter, who is a glass designer artist. In fact, she is also the owner of the bigger house on the site, but as the years went by, the space provided by this building began to be scarce and confined for all the activities meant to be performed in it. So, the task was to design a smaller extension for the future workshops and exhibitions.