The courtyard, Trnava, SK

Function: Cultural
Country: Slovakia
Category: Sustainable Communities
Firm: Vallo Sadovsky Architects
Architects: Matúš Vallo, Oliver Sadovský, Marián Stanislav, Viliam Zajíček, Zuzana Krejčířová, Elena Šoltésová, Mateja Vonkomerová, LABAK
Completion of design: 2012
Year completed: 2018
Nominated by: Andrea Bacová PhD
The historical centre of Trnava is being turned into a new social and cultural hub of the city. The architects faced a difficult task of decoding the historical layers, hierarchizing the area and deciding on what to preserve and what to rebuild in a new, modern way. Old meets new here, interlocked in various ways. From the right, the courtyard is framed by a completely new building that replaces the former large wall. The architects played with the idea of ​​preserving the wall, but in the end decided to design a surprisingly narrow, lightweight structure with a wooden façade grid. The building has a temporary lifespan, and can quickly adapt to new leaseholders. At the end of the courtyard there is a house for talented students. The various types of pavings refer to the traces of previous buildings, and the signs inform of the archaeological sites. (Andrea Bacová PhD)
Project Description

„Nadvorie“ (The courtyard) was established on the historical parcels of the burghers’ houses and their additions. The semi-public nature of the area is enhanced by the surrounding facilities that activate it, such as the daytime terrace of the local restaurant or local evening events. The multifunctional central space is defined by four trees, various surfaces, and the lighting. Greenery is provided by a number of mobile plant pots. The findings of the archeological surveys and the historical parcellation of the area are visible in the pavement. In the eastern part of the area, a space for a podium has been created. The entire complex is accessible from Trojicne Square and Stefanikova Street through 3 original entrances, with the future plan of an additional entrance from Pekarenska Street.

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